Master systems integrators.

The way we approach all projects places us in a unique position of being able to view buildings from a wider perspective.

As experts in both IT infrastructure and smart building technology – we’re best placed to make sure they both come together to improve the way your organisation connects with technology. And, to help you make significant cost savings too.

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Data Cabling Installers

Our job as MSIs.

Our job is to work out how to bring all your IT and building management services together, so they can talk to each other, and so that you can view and control them through one single pane of glass.

As master systems integrators (MSIs) we play a critical role in the design and deployment of any building project. Our role is to plan and commission a cohesive network of building management services.

Just as we’d make sure your data cabling infrastructure was unified, we also specialise in integrating the building services that are powered and connected by your physical network.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Integrating building services.

In every commercial new-build or refurbishment, there are a wide range of building management services that will need to be considered.

For example: lighting; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); security; and lifts.

As master systems integrators (MSIs) we’re able to recommend the best solutions for your building project, making sure they work optimally, comply with IT policies, and can effectively communicate with each other.

Smart Lighting For Offices

One view, more control.

Once your IT and building management services are unified, you can view and control them through one single pane of glass.

Having central access to your entire environment, gives you the ability to make smarter, real-time decisions about how to use your building.

This level of control not only delivers substantial long-term financial benefits for your commercial building – it also helps you to create a better environment for your occupants.

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