Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices by Scenariio.

We can provide you with a huge array of high-quality PoE devices to run over your intelligent infrastructure.

The PoE devices we use in all of our projects come from market leaders we trust and have long-term relationships with.

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Power Over Ethernet

PoE devices.

PoE devices receive power and data from the ethernet cables within your intelligent building infrastructure.

When they’re integrated into your building management services, they essentially become plug and play additions that can be easily moved around as your needs change.

Our range of superior PoE devices, include: Wi-Fi access points, cameras, security, lighting, computers, digital signage, and phones.

As part of the design and deployment of your smart building project, we’ll work with you to understand how you’ll use your PoE infrastructure and what PoE devices you’ll need to integrate into your network.

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Power Over Ethernet Solutions

PoE computers.

Our partner thinlabs, provide a range of PoE computers, screens, and monitors that operate over your ethernet cable – as part of your PoE infrastructure.

They use less energy compared to traditional computers and give off less heat too. Additionally, they need minimal cabling because they’re powered by your ethernet cable, and not conventional electricity wires. This looks neater, and makes it easier for you to move computers around, as and when you need to.

As PoE computers can be integrated into your building management services, software can be used to deliver seamless updates. It also means your PoE computers will be protected by the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) that supports your PoE infrastructure.

Power Over Ethernet Design and Install

PoE audio and visual (AV) devices.

We work with market leaders, to bring you premium PoE audio and security devices.

These can be used to deliver security messages to intruders; provide background music in appropriate environments; and make announcements in stores.

As with all our PoE devices, when they become networked, they offer you flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. Simply because they’re easy to install, maintain, and swap around. We offer a wide range of POE devices for businesses.

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Smart buildings

PoE devices are essential elements of what makes up a smart building. Learn more about smart buildings in this video from our partners Anixter.

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