Power over Ethernet (PoE) Lighting Systems by Scenariio.

At Scenariio we can provide you with a selection of high-quality, low-voltage PoE lighting systems to run over your intelligent infrastructure.

Our PoE lighting devices come from market leaders such as Signify, MHT and wtec, each of which we trust and have long-term relationships with.

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What is Power Over Ethernet Lighting

What is PoE lighting?

Power over Ethernet lighting (PoE) is designed to improve control over your lighting systems as well as a decarbonisation strategy.

PoE lighting combines world-class low-voltage LED with luminaires and digital controls. This smart lighting solution improves light quality, lowers your energy consumption, and extends the life of your lights.

PoE lighting connects to a single ethernet cable in order to power lights and transmits data between the light and control software.

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How does PoE lighting work

How does PoE lighting work?

Power over ethernet lighting setup typically works by using a centralised PoE switch which provides power to PoE light fixtures.

AC voltage is converted using the same network switch as your building, or using dedicated lighting switches. You can also create data links to field positioned lighting-specific switches to reduce cabling.

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Advantages of PoE lighting

Advantages of PoE lighting

Easy Installation: As PoE lighting doesn’t require conduit or metal cladding and is safe electrical low voltage (under 60 volts) making it significantly easier to install when compared to traditional electrical installation. With fewer hazards associated the overall cost for installation is a lot lower.

More Control: Our PoE lighting systems are controlled devices so can be easily disconnected and relocated to a new PoE system. Every light has a data connection natively attached to the power connection which means everything can be addressed and controlled individually. Perfect for commercial use PoE lighting allows for more control over smart buildings ecosystems as network data flows between all connected devices.

Secure and Dependable: Unlike traditional lighting systems PoE systems don't rely on wireless technology instead the ethernet cable allows for flexibility and reliability completely eliminating the risk of wireless disruptions or security breaches. They have a faster response, get more data from sensors and don’t congest wireless bandwidth. Operational efficiencies are made through the use of centralised drivers. There are fewer failures which means less support needed and easier maintenance.

The Smart Choice: Optimising lighting levels across your building creating a human-centric and perfectly balanced lighting solution across the board. PoE LED lighting systems reduce energy demands from lights and devices connected providing environmental benefits to society while reducing the risk of energy cost fluctuations through the use of benefits such as daylight harvesting.

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Smart buildings

PoE lighting devices are essential elements of what makes up a smart building. Learn more about smart buildings in this video from our partners Anixter.

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