Announcing our new partners

UMA and Scenariio today announce their technology and commercial collaboration to help transform the workplace.


UMA’s open software platform connects workplace technology including audio visual equipment and Internet of Things sensors. UMA gathers rich data insights on occupancy and environmental metrics from across the workplace to provide actionable insight and improved user experiences for space management and resource booking and allows businesses to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the workforce.


Scenariio has been involved in the smart building world since the business started with installations of varying scale and size across the country for a wide-ranging group of customers. Coming from a structured cabling background, it has been a natural progression for us to connect more devices on the network.


The combined expertise that this partnership creates will allow a step-change in end-users ability to optimise their workplace. Utilising the datasets from UMA’s platform along with our control of heating and lighting will lead to reductions in building operational costs and a reduction in carbon footprint, important to those organisations with net zero targets.


‘Scenariio’s depth of expertise in the smart building space with particular respect to working with heating and lighting control including their experience of Building Management Systems makes them a natural ecosystem partner for UMA and supports our goal of transforming the workplace with technology.’


Gavin Fletcher, CMO UMA


 ‘We are delighted to be partnering with UMA on bringing smart technology to businesses across the UK. We are excited by our shared vision to improve efficiency, sustainability and experience for businesses and their workforces. Anyone who has worked in large offices has experienced the frustration of finding space and we believe that by combining our longstanding expertise in smart technology with the quality UMA system, we can help businesses to adapt to the new way of working by making sure their space is used in the most effective way possible.’


George Pritchard, CTO Scenariio


‘We welcome this partnership with Scenariio as we share many sentiments in how to approach smart buildings and our collaboration will drive significant benefit for our channel and customers’


Steve Milner, CEO UMA


About UMA

UMA (Unify, Manage, Assist) is a PropTech business founded in Halifax, Yorkshire.

The UMA smart building platform was built in response to the need for workplaces to innovate and digitally transform to improve user experiences, collaboration, reduce real estate costs and drive operational efficiency using technology and enhanced business intelligence.

The UMA team is passionate about user experience and human-centred design, the adoption of automation, data-driven business intelligence to improve workspaces for employees and employers. 

UMA provide technology solutions for the workplace that focus on the user experience including meeting and desk booking solutions that include sensor technology, meeting room display panels, mobile applications, chatbots and voice interfaces.

UMA have developed software solutions with audio-visual OEM and sensor partners to provide real-time data analytics on key metrics including occupancy and utilisation with dashboards that enable better control and provide actionable insight.