Building a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is the hot topic at the moment. The enormous challenges posed by climate change and how we as a species respond to them, have never seemed greater than they do right now. Our reliance on fossil fuels, the waste we create, the impact of our consumption on our health and the legacy we are leaving to future generations is all under the microscope as we head towards the COP26 Conference in Glasgow.

The emergence from the global pandemic that has engulfed all aspects of our lives is leading to new questions about how, where and when we work, and businesses across the UK are trying to get to grips with hybrid working, repurposing their spaces and trying to offer the highest qualities of employee wellbeing ever seen. That is the media narrative anyway!

Many businesses may feel that this is a phase, a natural consequence of the unique challenges faced over the last 18 months, and that things will, in many instances, soon return to normal.

Sadly for those businesses, we at Scenariio, believe they are in for quite a shock. This is a new normal, and in terms of sustainability, where businesses are currently encouraged to “do the right thing”, everybody should be planning for legislation that mandates business commitment to sustainability and carbon footprint reduction. Make no mistake, this WILL happen, and it is coming soon.

Which makes it a good job we are here to help!

There is so much to consider with sustainability, such as transport, waste, heating, energy source, building efficiency, workforce efficiency and energy consumption.

The range of products we can offer to businesses can address many of these issues. Here are just a few.


Get your server room right. This is the brain of your business, it contains all of your data, the internet you rely on and, in a smart building, houses the equipment that helps you manage your building more effectively. Don’t think of it as an afterthought.

Once your server room is sorted, next comes your data cabling. We use Commscope products in our projects – the world’s biggest data cabling provider. They are quality cables that will keep your business running effectively for decades.

This is the most critical stage to a smart, sustainable building. A well-designed and installed IT infrastructure will save you money on replacing or repairing mistakes later.


We use Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting that delivers power and data using one cable to each light fitting. This has massive benefits. It is quick and easy to install and removes the need for high voltage electrical equipment in ceiling voids. These are the most efficient LED lights you can get and can offer daylight harvesting and be human-centric, improving productivity by altering brightness to the human circadian rhythm.

Data sensors

This is the clever bit! We install sensors that can measure occupancy, movement, power consumption, brightness, temperature and much more. The data feeds back to a processor which allows the user to control lighting remotely, target facilities management where it is needed, reallocate workspace and, most importantly, make the building as efficient as possible with real-time, constant data. When installed alongside an integrated BMS system, a building becomes truly smart, with heating, lighting, ventilation and workspace planning all working together.

This is scratching the surface of how to start preparing for the upcoming sustainability revolution. Businesses of all sizes will need to start considering their carbon footprint, and we recommend getting a headstart now, before there is a mad rush to meet a deadline which will come in the future.

So whether you simply need a consultation on the art of the possible, you already have an idea, or you are ready to go, get in touch and let us help you prepare for the future by being ready in the present.