Finalist For Outstanding Growth Business Award

We have demonstrated that within the last 12 months, we’ve experienced exceptional growth in profit, market share, and increased the size of our growing team. With several exciting projects on the table and the rising demand in smart building applications, our growth looks set to be sustainable well into the next financial year.

Our customers understand the power they have to use information technology and big data to enable them to stay ahead. Our solutions fit perfectly into this forward-thinking mindset. By investing in our technology, workspaces are greener and smarter and when a return on investment can be seen within several years, is an excellent opportunity for a growing business.

As government policies and culture change to ensuring a safer and lower carbon emission world for us all, companies will be looking and encouraged to look at ways to meet these targets. A wealth of opportunities has now emerged as the coronavirus has shown many of us that we can work and live differently. 

Organisations are starting to look at their property portfolio in a new light. Do we need as many buildings? Do we need as many people in our facilities? How can we work more effectively in those buildings? Can we use our space in smarter ways? What if this happens again? The information that our system produces provides management with real data on which they can make informed business decisions.

Many of our customers are global, blue-chip companies who value the work we do and consider us, their safe pair of hands. This is due to our agile approach, the ability to respond quickly to their needs, and effectively communicate with them. We provide fully scalable digital platforms which allow SMEs within the East Midlands, as well as larger corporations across the UK, to benefit from our technology, by creating smart and responsive workspaces.

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