Joining Scenariio

After 4 years of hard work and a year spent working in industry, I handed in my final pieces of work and finished my degree in June. I continued to work at my part time retail job while I decided what I wanted to do, then the job at Scenariio came to my attention. It sounded like a great opportunity, so I decided go for it and apply my creative background in fashion to a different industry, coming to join the team at Scenariio as their marketing apprentice. 


It has been a slight shock to the system getting up for work every day, getting myself organised and planning my outfits the night before, clothes are very important to me and I will take any excuse to buy new clothes, so a new job was perfect! I was lucky enough to meet my team at Scenariio before I started my first day of work, so I already felt comfortable coming in on my first day.  


With starting a new job comes a lot of training and time spent on absorbing important information about the company. Personally, this takes me a little longer than most due to my dyslexia, but I never let it hold me back in life. 


I was lucky enough during my first week to have two networking events to attend which I was very excited about, and they did not disappoint, I got to meet some great new people and make connections with some fab companies in Derby. I’m a Derby girl myself so love seeing all the amazing companies we have in the city.  


After completing my first week, I already feel like a valued member of the team, they have helped me to settle in and are all there to help me if I ever get stuck on anything and offer their support. 


As you can imagine the office is super cool, filled with hi-tech equipment with a great location - I really can’t complain. I’ve always wanted to work, so the transition from university student to being employed in a full-time job is a dream for me, and I can’t wait to get started on my marketing apprenticeship which I will be completing with Mitre Group whilst working for Scenariio to further my knowledge.


I’ve got lots to learn as everything we do is very new to me, from cabling to lights and everything in-between. However, with the support of the team behind me, I’m sure I’ll be an expert in no time!