Scenariio And Initsys Join Forces

Our collaboration

We at Scenariio have combined our unique skills with Initsys, an IT-based intelligent security company to strengthen the products and services that we offer. The businesses both aim to provide a platform that data can be managed, as well as increased space optimisation and security.

While casually chatting over coffee in the communal kitchen in the Connect Derby building, fellow neighbours Rob Pritchard, Operations Director of Scenariio, and Will De Figueiredo, Technical Director of Initsys, quickly established that the striking synergies between the two businesses were remarkable and the potential to collaborate was a clear opportunity.

We specialise in the design, supply, and implementation of future-proof technologies that optimise building utilisation and productivity in your workspace. Aiming to significantly improve the way your organisation connects with technology and ensures all systems are ready to embrace innovations of tomorrow.

Initsys provides software solutions for intelligent security systems for a wide range of sectors both locally and internationally. They collate information from a variety of security devices such as cameras, door access panels and feed the data into a user-friendly application programming interface (API) which can be activated remotely. The system detects security breaches and data abnormalities that trigger a protocol of responses which are then escalated to the appropriate level. They create bespoke software solutions enabling seamless integrations for a range of intelligent infrastructures enhancing the user experience and increasing the security levels.

How it works

This software complements the smartengine intelligent lighting system that we provide. The sensors provide essential data that tracks how each element of the building is being used on a second by second basis. The data includes light levels, current temperature and space utilisation. The data collated informs real-time decisions that reduce energy bills providing significant environmental and cost savings. The amount of natural daylight in the room is calculated, and the system is activated in real-time. Available desks and meeting rooms are instantly identifiable on a live feed. The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up new opportunities.  A network of devices embedded with connectivity that enables them to exchange and analyse data is no longer the future: it is now.

After our initial conversation, I demonstrated the smartengine capabilities to Will in our innovation centre. It was exciting when we realised how compatible the systems were and discussed the possible integration. Will immediately saw the benefits of our products, and we could not believe that our workspaces were across the corridor from one another.”

Rob Pritchard, Operations Director at Scenariio.

Through our combined resources; we can now increase the amount of data the platform receives, increasing security and analysing crucial building management information.

Enhanced security

A sensor-rich network is complementary to any security system as it enhances the level of detection that can be made by creating smart and efficient operations. The sensors expand the capabilities of the cameras regardless of how many have been installed, as the sensors are installed with the light fixtures they can be put in places and remain unnoticed. They can also pinpoint motion in precise locations. Due to the expanding capabilities of the network, the software is the first port of call when alerts are triggered. A heat map is also used to check the building usage, meaning the combination of the smart technology allows for further environmental and cost savings to be made due to the unnecessary deployment of staff.

Additional benefits of the system include identifying when the workforce has cleared a building for the day. When no further motion is detected the sensors activate a ‘complete circuit’ of security signaled by a green light. If abnormalities are then detected, alerts are sent to relevant personnel in addition to a remote investigation being conducted. The sensors will quickly establish any false alarms, and at the click of a button, the lights could be turned on from a remote location to aid image quality through cameras.

The environmental benefits are massive: when lights are not required they are turned off, staff do not need to make a twenty-mile round trip only to discover a false alarm, and when only a portion of office space has been used notifications are sent to reduce maintenance burdens.

Since the collaboration, we have installed smart lighting in the Initsys office, and it is now linked to their smartengine system. The technology now spans across three offices, and rich data is feeding into the space analytics making it ideal to demonstrate the capabilities of the product to interested parties.

In addition, the installation has created an ideal workspace environment for both teams due to the daylight harvesting capabilities. The sensors continuously monitor the natural light levels in the rooms and adjust themselves to provide the perfect light levels consistently throughout the working day. The dynamic data chart can be viewed on in real time, and the light level can reduce by 80% over a few minutes creating significant environmental savings.

“Installing a smartengine lighting system into our offices at Marble Hall has made our working environment significantly better. The light levels are now perfectly set for individual staff and the remote controls and intuitive nature of the system makes our lives easier.”

Will De Figueiredo, Technical Director of Initsys.

This is just the beginning: the collaboration is set to strengthen due to the growing number of applications connected to the IoT.  The software is so versatile that as technology advances we can continue to incorporate any developments to make the system more sophisticated. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, emergency lighting and building maintenance can all be connected.

Predictive maintenance is a significant benefit, knowing when a fixture is due to fail due to the life span of the product ensures safety and provides less inconvenience. Ensuring robust emergency lighting systems that stay on throughout any temporary loss of power and offers directional lighting for the most effective escape route could be life-saving.

The system is designed to ensure that people’s needs are being met: is the temperature comfortable, is the light level adequate, is everyone safe within a building?

The future of collaboration

The next phase includes the technology being incorporated into other situations through further collaboration. In a retail environment, it can support the efficient redeployment of staff to deal with peak times and lower queue rates. In an airport, it can detect suspicious behaviour as well as providing personalised directions to visitors by lighting the correct paths to their destination.

Incorporating Bluetooth sensors into the system enables smart automation by the detection of a mobile phone. Gates open, alarms deactivate, and doors unlock when biometric authorisation is granted. It is as easy as unlocking your phone, no more pesky code numbers to remember. All elements of a building have the potential to be run on the same system putting functionality in one place, at the click of a button, wherever you are in the world.

The uses of this technology are endless as so many businesses embrace big data now available to harness and make significant strategic decisions providing them with a competitive edge. Talk to us about how you can incorporate all or some of this exciting technology into your workplace. The future is here and in operation at Marble Hall, come and see it in action and talk to us about making the technology work for your business.

About Scenariio

Installing intelligent solutions within your building will provide your business with data that will inform key decisions.

For forward-thinkers looking to maximise IT and building management capabilities, we specialise in the design, supply, and implementation of future-proof technologies that optimise utilisation and productivity in your workspace.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up new opportunities.  A network of sensors and devices achieved through low voltage data cables, embedded with connectivity that enables them to exchange and analyse data is no longer the future.  It is now.

We will significantly improve the way your organisation connects with technology and ensure all systems are ready to embrace innovations of tomorrow.

Contact us at or call 01332 258356

About Initsys

Initsys designs and builds unique software using modern techniques and methods. With an experience of nearly all forms of transmission of sensor data our platform is robust and feature rich.
All software is the company’s original work, and our programmers pride themselves on reliability and clarity of the code they produce.

We can support projects worldwide.

Our market is primarily large scale integration projects with an emphasis on high risk and where absolute security is required. We have completed projects successfully in most sectors, including city, retail, finance, military and transportation.

An increasing number of industrial control rooms are switching to our platform because of its ability to process vast amounts of events while filtering out much of the day to day noise created by poorly performing detection equipment. It is this artificial intelligence that makes our system genuinely unique in this field, false positives often mask a real event, something it is almost impossible for control room operators to identify without statistical help.

You can contact them at or call +44 1530 262100 (UK).

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