Scenariio: Committed to Sustainability

Scenariio is committed to reducing energy consumption by providing low voltage, smart technology which is better for the environment.


Scenariio is proud to have held the ISO 14001 environmental accreditation for the past four years. Our regular external audits have validified our internal processes and procedures, ensuring we actively deliver pro-environmental practice daily. We are a member of the Low Carbon Business Network which allows us to share our best practice with likeminded people and keep up-to-date with environmental policies.


“Scenariio’s approach to reducing not only their carbon impact but that of their clients, through their low voltage, energy-saving intelligent lighting system attracted me to join the team. Their company mindset aligned with my own.” Rebecca Shaw, Marketing Manager for Scenariio.


As the Internet of Thing (IoT) has evolved, we can now run a wide range of smart devices over low voltage data cables. This provides the opportunity for companies to run their buildings on an environmentally-friendly infrastructure.


The system we provide operates on a network of sensors that continually measures and reports on the local light level, temperature and motion, in real-time. Environmental policies can ensure that energy-saving settings are applied when no movement is detected, or natural light levels have been reached.


Our work with water utility company Severn Trent Water is an excellent example of the environmental and cost efficiences our system can create. In the last five years, they've seen energy savings of around 92% across their sites, energy consumption has decreased to just 0.41w/m2, and they've saved approximately 96 tons of CO2.


Victoria Hughes, facilities manager at Severn Trent, said: "Scenariio is one of the companies who are helping us to take care of the environment by making sure our workspaces are operating efficiently. Both in terms of the amount of energy we use, and the way we use our buildings."


We also partner with other providers specialising in low voltage technology including Thinlabs who manufacture a range of PoE computers, screens, and monitors that operate over your ethernet cable – as part of your PoE infrastructure. They use less energy compared to traditional computers and give off less heat too. 


Other energy-saving, PoE devices include; security and access control, AV and point of sales systems. Using a single data cable for both power and data ensures smooth interoperability between devices and eliminates the need for 240v connections to be made. 


We create buildings aligned with the priorities of the owners and its occupants. By analysing building data and uncovering new business insights capable of providing greater performance, it significantly reduces energy usage. 


About Scenariio

We're preferred and trusted advisors in the design, supply, and installation of data networks. Our company ethos is caring for our customer's needs by providing leading products and high-quality service, through integrity and innovation - all delivered by a professional, experienced, and dependable, nationwide team.

Our mission is to make your business more intelligent. The team is passionate about enabling you to understand the advantages of a smart workspace, from sensor-rich networks delivered over structured cabling to capitalising on the IoT's latest developments. We aim to improve the way your organisation connects with technology to achieve responsive results, reduce your carbon footprint with an efficient system and, ultimately, support your business growth.

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