Scenariios Intelligent Lighting Continues To Shine For Gymshark

We were so pleased when we completed the UK’s first commercial installation of Human-Centric smartLighting (HCsL) at GSHQ at Solihull, twelve months ago.  We are now proud to have accomplished the second phase of work at the innovative fitness clothing retailer who have refreshed their annual contract, which includes ongoing support and data analysis.

Gymshark is recognised as one of the UK’s fastest growing companies and has expanded from 150 staff in April 2018, to over 280 team members at the last count. Founded in 2012 by teenager Ben Francis, the gym and activewear brand is now a global success and currently holds the number one position for The Sunday Times- International Track 200 for fastest growing international sales.

Their worldwide success is reflected in the 24-hour shift patterns manned by staff who respond to enquiries from all timezones. The lighting system creates comparable light within the working space by adjusting the colour temperature. Human-centric lighting policies mimicking the daylight curve of the sun (known as the circadian rhythm) have been applied to accommodate shift workers.

Our Technical Director, George Pritchard said: “Gymshark’s vision and creativity continue to push boundaries ensuring their GSHQ is a unique space that contributes to staff wellbeing and enables better productivity.” 

Due to the company’s rapid growth, we have installed a further 40 human-centric fixtures at GSHQ. Their installation includes a total of over 300 tuneable white light luminaires, and 445 sensors. The company has increased the seating capacity, and some departments have switched locations within the building based on the occupancy data gathered from lighting. Using the sensor data, several meeting rooms with low utilisation have since been refreshed or repurposed to encourage more use. Another area of innovation is the tunable light, which has been re-commissioned in the product design area and product room to view the fabrics in different lighting conditions.

Gymshark- Fabric viewing room

Gymshark- Fabric viewing room

Fleur Johnson,  Facilities Manager at Gymshark HQ said “Gymshark has grown so much over the past year, so we have had to make lots of changes within HQ. The Scenariio team are super-efficient and always on hand to supports us in making the HQ the best environment it can be.”

The building design scheme consists of a dramatic, open plan front-of-house space which connects all floors to allow for collaborative working. The ground floor hosts a catering facility that includes a cinema and play space. The first floor has a focused area for the customer relations team and features study booths, quiet zones, and treatment rooms and the entire building is dedicated to supporting both the customers and the Gymshark team alike.

The smartengine lighting system continues to monitor and report on the building’s environment. Data analytics are used to produce space utilisation reports, integrate with other building management systems and control the light fixtures on a granular level, saving costs and improving efficiency. The technology will continue to provide Gymshark with the data they will need to plan their other expansion in the coming years.

Watch the case study video about our work at Gymshark alongside our German partners at Wtec.

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Gymshark Interior

Gymshark Interior

About Gymshark:

Gymshark has shot to success in the mere four years since its beginning and now celebrates its recent break into the US market. Using social media rather than third-party sellers to boost brand awareness, the company now employs a growing team of 250 and exports to over 150 countries worldwide. Its unique, customer-focused clothing is predicted to double its sales forecast for next year as they set up further stores around the world.

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