Seamless Project Coordination For Tarmacs Wi-FI Rollout

The brief

When Tarmac, the UK’s leading construction solutions company, wanted to roll out their innovative digital delivery tracking solution across its 1,800-strong vehicle fleet, we were very excited to be involved. The logistics of this project were challenging and required exceptional levels of communication and planning.

The rollout of the Wi-Fi access points and their data cabling into over 300 different locations, geographically spread from Aberdeen to Cornwall meant communication and planning were key to the success of the project.  Scenariio used their smartsheet cloud-based software application to share project information between themselves, Tarmac and the teams of engineers operating throughout the UK.  This enabled all parties to update the plans with crucial information whether based in the head offices or out at the sites.

The project

Installations were prepared, information issued, and sites scheduled by the project teams from both Scenariio and Tarmac.  The engineers had live access to this information via their mobile phones and tablets and used it to schedule the site visits. The installations were completed and updated in real-time from the sites. The cloud-based dashboards and automated alerts ensured the project teams and senior management were always kept informed with progress. Time-sensitive decisions were made much quicker so the logistical challenge did not affect communications, timelines or progress.

Tim Copping, Logistics Project Manager & Mark Skidmore, Business Infrastructure Manager reported the benefits of working with Scenariio and the advantages of the technology. “The introduction of the new Wi-Fi ports allowed the company real-time visibility of its fleet by relaying live GPS tracking information to its UK wide planning teams.  It enables customers to track orders online and receive instant delivery notifications using live information. The project was delivered on time and under budget, which included an extra 20 locations.” 

The results

Mark Wood, Managing Director, materials – south at Tarmac and national sponsor of the project, said: “The new ‘track-and-trace’ technology has immediately improved the experience for everyone involved in our delivery process.  By giving access to the same real-time information, we are revolutionising the way customers access delivery information, providing additional convenience and reassurance to improve further the way we communicate.”

He continued, “enhancing the traceability of our deliveries enables us to boost productivity and efficiency, as our weighbridges and logistics teams can better manage their drivers, closely monitor availability and react quickly in the event of any unexpected delays.”

Rob Pritchard, Operations Director, from Scenariio said, “Planning and communication were critical to the success of this project. With many of the sites having different health & safety considerations the ability to communicate effectively was of paramount importance. The system we used reduced these concerns and ensured the crucial part of project delivery was not only met but exceeded expectations.”

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About Tarmac

Tarmac, a CRH company, is the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business. Our innovative services and solutions help to deliver the infrastructure needed to grow the economy today and create a more sustainable built environment to support our future prosperity.

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