Smart Buildings Training Course Receives CPD Accreditation

Scenariio, who specialise in the design, implementation, and support of low voltage intelligent infrastructure solutions, are delighted to announce their “Smart Buildings” training course has received CPD approval.

The course is designed to provide industry experts with the most up-to-date and comprehensive overview of low voltage intelligent LED lighting and sensor-rich networks.  The course has been designed by industry experts and is aimed at Lighting Designers, Energy Professionals and Specifiers to ensure they are at the forefront of technologies. The qualitative mark from CPD ensures the course and it’s learning activities are to the very highest standards.

Craig Sanderson, Managing Director at Oktra North said “The CPD course is a fantastic experience, full of really relevant, useful information and guidance that will have a genuine impact on my decision making for future projects.  I feel equipped and up-to-date with information that allows me to make the best decisions for my clients”, he continued, “I would highly recommend the course to anyone in the industry”.

In this CPD course, Scenariio will show you how to design a low voltage sensor-rich network that has the intelligence to power LED lights. Sensors that measure building temperature, light level and motion provide the data to report on building usage and analyse occupancy. The course also discusses the new products that can be used to enhance personal wellbeing in the workspace through Human Centric Lighting.

Mark Palmer, Managing Director at Scenariio said “Low voltage intelligent LED lighting, delivered over traditional structured data cabling, is an innovative concept that is not common knowledge in the traditional building environment. First brought to market in 2010, we at Scenariio are proud to have been installing these sensor-rich solutions since 2014 and feel they have a breadth and depth of understanding that others may wish to hear more about.”

He continues, “We designed a CPD training course, one of many more to come, that focusses on these products available to enable buildings to become more energy efficient and clever for the occupants and owners.  We hope participants leave us educated on the advances in technologies and energy savings methodologies available to make a building truly intelligent.”

Scenariio offers a wide range of services throughout all areas of the UK using a network of highly qualified technicians with over 20 years of industry experience. Working in partnership with leading network cabling manufacturers, they offer a broad range of technology solutions that can all be deployed over an IP network. CCTV, door access control, building management systems (BMS) and intelligent LED lighting solutions form the basis of their product offering and all are delivered over a traditional network cable infrastructure.

If you would like more details please contact the team.

About The CPD Certification Service

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