That winning feeling

"Always a bridesmaid, never a bride."

A funny statement to kick off a blog for a technology company perhaps, but one that has often rung true for us. Over the years, it has been an honour to be recognised in various awards ceremonies for the work we do, the products we offer, and the impact we have on sustainability, wellbeing, customer service and experience.

However, it's often been the case that we haven't managed to quite move from being a finalist to an outright winner.

Now don't get me wrong, it's amazing to be nominated for anything and we are extremely grateful for all of the recognition we get, but we've always wanted to actually bring home a trophy, or, in other words, become the bride!

Not everybody values awards. Some see them as unnecessary, holding no value and just an excuse for dressing up for the night. Not us. We believe that awards are a demonstration of others recognising something in your business worthy of being celebrated. And consistently receiving recognition can only be a positive for a business.

So it is with great pride that over the last few weeks, we have picked up 3 awards!! What makes this even more special is the story it tells about us as a company and our values.

The first came as quite a surprise as our MD, Rob, attended the Commscope ConnectEd conference in Barcelona with our Operations Director, Russell. Whilst there, and with no warning, Rob was presented with an award, recognising his 25 years of partnership with Commscope. Whilst an achievement in it's own right, it shows our commitment to providing a quality product from a trusted, globally recognised partner with whom we continue to have extremely strong relationships.

The next one came at Alton Towers Resort, as our biggest customer, Severn Trent, held their Awesome Awards, celebrating excellence across their organisation. As a client we have worked for them over 30 years, offering a range of services that were recognised as going above and beyond, with a passion for delivering continuous improvement and taking responsibility. We were delighted to be recognised as one of the Top 3 Suppliers to Severn Trent out of 600. The team were there in full force to receive the award and again, took great pride in a customer feeling so positively about our service.

Finally, the East Midlands Chamber Derbyshire Business Awards took place the following night. A finalist in the Business Improvement through Technology Award for the second consecutive year, we were stunned to be named the winner on the night to round off a very busy fortnight! 

This blog is not to sound boastful about these achievements but to suggest that sometimes it can feel like a long slog applying for awards and not always bringing home the trophy. But when it comes off, and you receive that recognition, nothing feels better.

We are proud of these awards, not only for the recognition, but for how they demonstrate values including quality, integrity, experience and a growing awareness of the importance of smart building technology.

Coming off the back of Jack Hall's award in the Next Generation Awards earlier in the year, we have set a high bar in 2022 and the only problem now is how to beat it in 2023!