What an experience!

My name is Bailey Wright and I have been doing work experience with Scenariio for the past 7 weeks (including 1 week in February), as part of my T-Level in Digital Technical Support. Whilst being here I've learned many new skills and been able to gain much needed experience of what it's like being in a real business environment.  

I've mainly been working alongside technical director, George Pritchard and technical support lead, Oli Cambray on a day-to-day basis, conducting maintenance on the building’s main comms cabinet, remapping their light fixtures to allow for a more efficient way of identifying any faults. This is because Scenariio design, supply and install PoE lighting systems, lights that are powered by data cables from a central comms cabinet. We also repaired one of their building dashboards after extensive investigation.

Oli and I have also conducted multiple customer site visits which included regular audits and maintenance for their outdoor kiosk AC units which had to be swapped out. We have also configured multiple pairs of client Ubiquiti network access points that will be used in future jobs allowing clients to have an internet connection in dead zones of a building.

Honestly, I expected to be sat in an office doing data management and typing into spreadsheets, however Scenariio is far more than that and most of my experience has been out of office travelling to different company sites. When being here I quite enjoyed coming to work due to everyday being a different experience. My time here has far exceeded my expectations and I believe it is significantly better than most of my peers' placements.

Whilst being at Scenariio, I've learned how they use certain web-based software such as Node Red to automate their smart systems and present data gathered into a visual aspect such as a dashboard.  This allows them to track and monitor things such as CO2 levels, building occupancy, room temperature, humidity and noise levels allowing them to make alterations to create the prefect working environment for staff productivity. Scenariio has also given me the opportunity to acquire multiple Commscope certificates in relevant cabling and sales solutions.

One of the most valuable things I think I have gained during this placement is that it has given me a better outlook on how to act in a professional working environment, it has also allowed me to develop my other employability skills such as communication and time management.

Overall, I've had a great experience whilst being at Scenariio. Rob and the team have been incredibly welcoming and supportive when it comes to learning about their business and the world of IT.

I would love to increase my knowledge, hopefully going on to be able to acquire relevant degree and later pursue a career in the IT world.