Why smart makes sense

The office is the physical heart and soul of a business, reflecting its brand and culture. Each office is unique and has its own look and feel, making it the perfect way to showcase what your business and brand is all about. 


Post-pandemic, hybrid working patterns are changing how we use the office. Workspaces need to become more flexible to meet people’s needs and provide a safe and comfortable working environment. So, what do we need from the new workplace? At Scenariio, we believe it should be an environment that people feel safe in, with space for group interaction and face to face meetings and most importantly a positive and productive environment for growth. 


With the number of people in the office changing daily, the way offices are designed, operated, and built needs to change to accommodate the new world of work. Office spaces will potentially be smaller and more flexible with an emphasis on using digital technology to enable healthier, safer, and more efficient buildings by using data to improve efficiency across a business. 


The role of technology at work over the last 18 months has been transformative and there are no signs of this changing. If anything, the pace of change is likely to increase as businesses look at how to ensure best practice and equal access to all employees, regardless of whether they are at home or in the office, whilst focussing on sustainability. 


Some of the products we provide should be at the heart of any moves towards creating a better workspace for your business and its people.




PoE lighting quite simply makes people more productive and saves businesses money. It uses data cables to deliver power and data to lights and removes any requirement for electrical equipment to sit in ceiling voids. The days of having to light whole buildings or zones regardless of occupancy are over, with our systems fully customisable. PoE lighting can save 50% on energy costs vs traditional LED lights and can help to achieve sustainability ambitions. Not only that, they are controlled by app and can be set to meet the preferences of any individual. With three different systems to choose from, we can offer the right lights for the right building.


Room and desk bookings 


Hotdesking doesn't have to be painful! With our UMA system you can easily book meeting rooms and desks, find out where a colleague is in the building and which space is most popular. This helps avoid wasted time and resource hunting for available space, whilst planners can use the built-in reports to plan space better, making sure the building is fit for purpose.


Contactless entry 


We can install secure door entry access systems which remove the need for keys, touchpads and handles. With everybody far more conscious of cleanliness, we can help you to deliver contactless entry using your phone to enter and leave your workplace, send QR codes to visitors to get them in, and monitor who is in a building at any one time. 


Data sensors 


Sensors are the brains of a smart building. Whether using them for occupancy, temperature, power consumption or environmental monitoring, these sensors provide you with all the data you need to you’re your business more efficient, more secure and more sustainable. We are able to provide training on how to use and interrogate the data, and we can also build custom dashboards to display it in a simple and straightforward way.



We can provide you with bespoke smart technology that creates a more efficient workplace for those in and out of the office. So, whether you are a business owner, landlord or developer, you should be looking at how smart buildings can deliver game-changing impact on your real estate.