The perfect accompaniment
to street food.

In the heart of Derby city centre, is the popular street food market, Bustler Market. An indoor and outdoor venue for people and pets to get together, eat great food, and be entertained.

Supported by a network of diverse food and drink traders, it operates over the weekend, and attracts thousands of visitors across the Midlands and beyond – every year.

To facilitate the friendly and safe vibe that greets you, the owners of Bustler Market wanted to secure their operation with CCTV. Looking for a local company that specialises in designing and delivering smart building solutions – that run over data cables – they chose us!

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Bustler Case Study Overview
Smart Lighting Solutions

Risk-free bustling.

Andy Darke, manager of Bustler Market said: “Our traders don’t work every day, so it was important they felt comfortable leaving their belongings onsite when the market’s closed.

"We also wanted to create a safe space for all our visitors and traders during the hours it was open. Especially as it’s a busy, outdoor place – with people socialising into the evening.”

As a small business, Bustler Market was also keen to keep costs down, without sacrificing on security.

Controlling access with Axis.

We chose a security system for Bustler Market from market-leader, Axis. Essentially, it’s a series of networked cameras and wireless sensors, that run over a public and private Wi-Fi network – also planned and installed by our team.

We’re an Axis partner. That means, we’re trained and accredited to deliver high-quality, end-to-end security solutions that are manufactured by Axis. Additionally, it also means that we’re able to talk directly with Axis, about matching the needs of our clients, with the perfect product set.

Our technical director, George Pritchard, said: “Axis have such a great range of both indoor and outdoor cameras to choose from, and we were able to discuss with them, what would best suit this particular environment and budget.

“They also have a comprehensive portfolio of wireless sensors, that integrate perfectly with the cameras, including: window sensors; door sensors; alert buttons; noise sensors; and motion sensors. It means we can put bespoke and affordable packages together for all of our small business clients.”

Intelligent Lighting Solutions
Bustler Derby

Simple, but smart.

The network of security cameras and sensors had to be simple, smart, and scalable. And also, be monitored from a mobile phone application that could receive automatic messages, should any problems crop up onsite.

George added: “All the cameras are plug and play. As soon as the system finds them, it automatically commissions them onto the network, and enables them to be accessed through the mobile app. It was easy for us to install, plug-in, set-up, and handover.

“It’s also going to be very simple for us to add more cameras and sensors, should Bustler Market want to expand their operation. In fact, we’re in the throes of planning more security solutions for this particular site as we speak!”

Best footage possible.

Bustler Market now has a network of high-quality security cameras that can be controlled from a mobile phone. We also installed wireless and infrared sensors that were attached to doors. Plus, alert buttons behind the bar to protect staff.

George said: “Their sensors now work in harmony with their cameras to provide enhanced security. For example, when a door sensor detects it’s being opened – when it shouldn’t be – a camera can take a photo of the window, and send it to a mobile phone.”

Andy and the traders at Bustler Market are pleased with how easy the mobile application is to use. And real-time alert notifications are keeping them aware of any suspicious activity, as and when it happens.

Andy said: “The best thing about the Axis system, is its reliability. Being able to use it on the move – I use the app all the time on my phone. I’ve never had a fault, and I can find exactly what I want, pretty quickly.”

With Bustler Market open in the afternoon and evenings, the light changes dramatically which would ordinarily pose a security risk, and potentially distort what the cameras are able to pick up. But, that isn’t the case with the Axis range. Yasin Miah, field sales and end to end solutions manager from Axis, said: “ With those lighting conditions, having features like wide dynamic range helps a lot. It balances out the light scenes. At the same time, if there was an incident, then it helps to get the best footage possible.”

Scenariio Bustler Derby Project Overview
Bustler Market Derby

Security for security.

Axis invented the first ever network camera, back in 1996! But, as more and more devices – like security cameras – are connected over the internet, the cybersecurity threats increase too.

That’s why it was important to us, to partner with a manufacturer that had all the right security credentials themselves.

George said: “Their credentials prove that they take cybersecurity seriously, have achieved significant standards in security and design, and can demonstrate that their products meet the minimum requirements expected in terms of cyber-secure surveillance and resilience.

"The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible to run any device over a network – including security cameras. Making it easy and affordable for small businesses to secure the environment they work in. Even when they’re not physically in it!"



From a technical perspective, here are some of the technical components of the project:

  • 6 x cameras from the Axis range were installed
  • 4 x wireless sensors were fitted
  • 3 x wireless access points (APIs) were designed and delivered
  • 1 x alarm button was installed

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