Intelligence on display.

A showroom has to be 100% spot on – whatever sector you’re in. After all, it’s where you showcase your products and services. Done well, it will generate new business. Done badly, and your customers won’t come back.

This was the gauntlet that coodart ‘threw down’ for our teams. To help them create a space that would powerfully exhibit what they do. Of course, we were more than happy to accept the challenge!

coodart is a company that specialises in making audio and visual (AV) technology, work better in modern workspaces.

Driven by meeting room horror stories – where collaboration tools often fail the people using them – they wanted to develop a showroom to demonstrate how easy it can be, to integrate and use, collaboration technology within a workspace.

But, in order to showcase this technology in the best light possible, coodart needed the underpinning, intelligent infrastructure to do so. And that’s where we came in.

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Our mission is to make your business more intelligent. The team is passionate about enabling you to understand the advantages of a smart workspace, from sensor-rich networks delivered over structured cabling, to capitalising on the latest developments in the IoT. We aim to improve the way your organisation connects with technology to achieve responsive results, more efficient systems and, ultimately, business growth.

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Lights in the spotlight.

We planned and installed an intelligent LED lighting system, that boasted a network of 70 smart sensors – all connected by low voltage data cables. The cabling solution comprised of the SYSTIMAX® category 6A cables from CommScope. These cables offer high-performance, resilience, and scalability for the entire building.

The sensors provide real-time data on movement, temperature, brightness, and power usage. This gives the Coodart team the ability to adjust the showroom, so it’s always running optimally.

Gary Cooper, director at coodart, said: “Scenariio’s installation of our intelligent lighting system has provided us with central control of our workspace lighting levels. At the touch of a button, we can see real-time energy savings and occupancy, the ideal solution for our smart office.”

Needless to say, the lighting is also intelligent enough to automatically adapt to what’s happening in the workspace. So, it dims when there’s enough natural light coming through, and it turns on and off, as and when motion is detected.

We didn’t stop there though. We integrated the lighting and the AV, so the sensors could also be used to control the AV, by automatically switching it off and on.

A united front.

coodart’s showroom acts as the storefront for their technical solutions. It demonstrates to their clients how it’s possible for audio and visual technology – and workspaces – to unite.

Our technical director, George Pritchard, said: “Ultimately, the solution we installed, enables coodart to do what they do best. And that’s to integrate technology into every type of workspace, so it’s easy to work and easy to collaborate. For example, by allowing building occupants to control the lighting levels, and book a meeting room – using one, single interface.”

As a result, the showroom is an awe-inspiring space, where every piece of technology, equipment, and furniture – comes together to create a user experience that has the ‘wow’ effect.

In fact, in the evenings, the showroom benefits from coloured lights that can be seen from outside.

George added: “The light fixtures are bespoke, designed entirely to show the building in its best light, even at night when you’re standing outside.

“We’re lucky we can work with brilliant LED manufacturers like hatec, who help us to design solutions that are both functional, but look good at the same time.”

Showcasing low energy.

Whilst energy levels on the project were high, the real energy that coodart now use is significantly lower, delivering them substantial cost savings.

George said: “The smart sensors we installed, routinely pick up on any natural light that’s coming in through windows and doors.

“When that happens, they automatically lower the LED lighting levels, which is where the energy savings come from.

“In fact, on this project, coodart have seen energy savings of around 75%.”

A smart future for both parties.

Both of our companies operate in the technology sector. Albeit, we design and deliver the intelligent infrastructure to enable firms like coodart to run their applications and solutions over the top.

Beyond the showroom project, it’s now become a smart partnership where we both come together to bring our expertise to solving workspace challenges for other organisations.

George said: “Gary and the team at coodart have become one of our trusted partners. We all share a passion for using technology to transform workspaces in a way that makes it easy for building managers and building occupants alike.”

The tech spec.

From a technical perspective, here are some of the brass tacks of the project:

✔ The intelligent lighting system delivered energy savings of around 75%
✔ 70 wtec smartengine sensors were installed (formerly Redwood)
✔ The cabling solution comprised of SYSTIMAX® category 6A cables
✔ Both the lighting and AV controls were integrated
✔ 100 LED light fixtures from a wide range of manufacturers were fitted
✔ The size of the building was 200m2

Gary summarised: “Our showroom is the manifestation of our workspace vision. It’s very personal to us and needs to be 100% right, reflecting the best in collaborative technologies.”

“Scenariio provided the solid, smart foundation for us to layer our solutions on. That’s why we’re delighted to continue to work together, making workspaces wonderful for everyone.”


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