Data centre cabling and infrastructure by Scenariio.

The more you do online, the greater you rely on your data centre. It’s the place where all your data crunching takes place.

Your data centre is therefore one of your most important assets. So, let our team of experts plan and install the fibre and copper cable infrastructure for your data centre.

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Data Centre Design and Managament

The perfect cabling solution.

It’s crucial you select the right cabling solution for your data centre. This is because there’s a whole raft of factors to consider before you determine what infrastructure is required.

From an end-user perspective, it’s important to understand what capacity, bandwidth, and speed your organisation requires.

From a strategic point of view, you need to think about how your organisation will grow or change in the future, and how much you’re likely to scale your operation in the long-term. There’ll be compromises to be made relating to budget and performance too.

Don’t worry, our data centre cabling experts will advise you on what’s best for your building.

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Data Centre System Installation

Your one-stop shop.

When planning the infrastructure that goes into your data centre, think of us as your one-stop shop for all your cabling hardware requirements.

Having designed and delivered the cable architecture for many different types data centres, we know what cabling types, terminations, standards, products, and technologies will serve your data centre well, both now and in the future.

Our partnerships with market leaders like CommScope, mean we can deliver the highest quality cable infrastructure hardware. This includes copper or fibre cables to the latest standards – terminated onsite or pre-terminated – to enable faster site deployment. Our team will work with you to take care of all your cabling needs.

Your cabling routes will be carefully planned and calculated to make sure they carry your cables not only today, but also for the future, as your data centre grows and evolves. We’ll make sure they’re accessible, have capacity, and are installed to the cabling manufacturer’s guidelines.

Data Centre's By Scenariio

Lighting your data centre.

As experts in smart lighting, we’ll make sure the lighting in your data centre goes way beyond making sure it’s adequately lit.

Smart lighting sensors can give you better visibility, security, and control over what’s happening in your data centre – from occupancy to temperature levels – so it runs efficiently, is more secure, and delivers you both energy and cost savings. We offer a wide range of data centre cabling & lighting services across the UK.

Our smart lighting solutions are network powered – through a single data cable – making it safer and cheaper to run, by only providing light where it’s needed.

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Evolving with you

Market leaders CommScope, help us to make sure your data centre evolves with you. Watch their video to find out more.

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