A workspace to embody sustainable snacking.

In the pretty village of Bournville in Birmingham – home to global brand Cadbury – is the office where the Mondelez International R&D team work. Snack company Mondelez, are the owners of the famous chocolate maker, along with other iconic global and local brands such as: Oreo, belVita, LU biscuits, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Milka, Toblerone, Sour Patch Kids, and Trident gum.

They’re also champions of producing their snacks in a sustainable way to help protect the planet. This is encapsulated in their strapline Snacking Made Right.

That’s why, when asked to help transform the Mondelez workspace - into one that was good for the environment, good for their people, and good for their pocket – we jumped at the chance!

Our operations director, Rob Pritchard, said: “This was an opportunity to create an intelligent workspace that could set the precedent for their entire, global property portfolio.

“It was a privilege to work with a company who knew what tangible gains could be delivered from a well-designed working environment, that exploits the very latest in technology.”

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A perfect moment for change.

A planned fourth-floor refurbishment for their R&D team, presented the ideal opportunity for Mondelez to create a pioneering workspace that was:

✔ Eco-friendly
✔ Energy efficient
✔ Modern
✔ Intelligent
✔ A healthy, creative environment for their employees and visitors

It was this inspiring wish list, that drove our team to design and deliver a smartengine lighting system (formerly Redwood), that would satisfy each and every one of those requirements. In fact, it was one of the earliest smartengines to ever be installed in the UK.

Rob continued: “We were very excited by the possibilities, and knew that our expert team of experienced and qualified project managers and engineers, could deliver these benefits for Mondelez, even in very short timescales.”

The smart choice.

Working with hatec – experts in designing LED lighting systems – we chose a smart, low energy LED lighting solution for Mondelez.

A network of 330 smart sensors was installed, to monitor things like motion, temperature, power consumption, and light levels. This delivered critical insight for building managers at Mondelez, who could now see how their floor was being utilised by its occupants. Real-time statistical data could also be used to better inform decision making.

The sensors automatically adapt to what’s happening on the floor. For example, by automatically dimming the lighting levels, to harvest the natural daylight from outside. This reduces energy, lowers costs, and promotes wellbeing.

Data outlets installed in a Universal Connectivity Grid (UCG) within the ceiling are used to power the lights. This means that all the key building services – including the lights, WI-FI, security cameras, and AV – can all be connected over one, common cabling infrastructure.

The cabling solution comprised of the SYSTIMAX® category 6 and 6A cables from CommScope. These cables offer high-performance, resilience, and scalability for the entire building.

Suzanne Croft, project manager at Mondelez said: “The future-proofed system, from design to aftercare, provides unlimited statistical monitoring, creating a fundamental and dynamic approach to help direct the best usage of power with daylight harvesting, or adapted to suit needs.”

Intelligent results for Mondelez.

Mondelez wanted a workspace that took advantage of technology, to automatically reduce their carbon footprint, lower their operational costs, and create an environment that’s conducive to a healthy and productive day’s work.

Soon after, Mondelez saw a significant saving of 75% in energy consumption alone. On top of that, the floor looked stunning and is an amazing space to work in. This then led to a decision to introduce smart lighting in the basement for their factory R&D plant – which of course, we took care of.

Suzanne added: “The smart lighting system that Scenariio installed encapsulated our brand value as being a pioneer of advanced technologies.

“It provides aspects of health and wellbeing for our employees, and also has environmental, security and economic benefits for our company as a whole.”

The tech spec

From a technical perspective, here are some of the nuts and bolts of the project:

✔ It was commissioned in a matter of days. This was ahead of time and on budget
✔ The floor’s energy consumption dropped to just 0.52 w/m2
✔ 7 smartengines (formerly Redwood) were installed. In fact, it was one of the first smartengine intelligent lighting installations in the UK
✔ 330 LED light fixtures from hatec were fitted. hatec also helped us design the LED lighting system
✔ The entire workspace was 800m2 in size
✔ Low voltage, emergency lighting from Mackwell, was also installed

Rob summarised: “The results were amazing. We dramatically enhanced the space and the ambience of the office, while allowing it to operate in a more green and sustainable way.”


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