Moves, adds and changes (MACs) by Scenariio.

The job of moving, adding to, or changing your IT is a huge undertaking, especially when you’re having to run an organisation at the same time. You can’t afford to get it wrong.

No matter how big or small your project is, why not get our experienced team to take the stress away and manage the entire process for you, from start to finish?

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Network Moves, Adds and Changes

Any size of job.

From single desk moves, right through to complete workspace reorganisations, we’ve successfully managed numerous moves, adds, and changes – and will provide you with a tailored and professional service, based on how much help you need.

We can move, install, patch, re-configure, decommission, or change any type of IT equipment or cabling infrastructure – even when you need it doing quickly.We offer IT office move cabling services across the UK.

We’ll work with other trades – such as desk installers – to install and present data and power correctly on the desks. We’ll work with decorators to move or relocate services to allow them to carry on working. We’ll even help local facilities management teams to pack up IT kit, so it’s ready for moving.

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Comms Rooms Moves and Upgrades

Meticulous planning.

All moves, adds, and changes – no matter what size – demand meticulous, upfront planning based on your building and the way you run your organisation.

Our experts will work closely with your team, to fully understand your requirements, and what you’d like to achieve and by when.

This process will involve comprehensive site surveys to gain a detailed picture of where you are today, and where you need to be. It will also involve organising planned outages that will have the least impact on your ability to remain operational.

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Comms Room Tidy

Outstanding 24/7 support.

We know that keeping your building connected is of paramount importance. You’ll want to avoid any unnecessary downtime, and so will we.

Our people will dedicate themselves to your project, working around the clock to get things done. But at the same time, making sure the highest quality of work is delivered at every stage of the move.

You’ll get a named, qualified, and experienced project lead, who will co-ordinate the work packages and be accessible to you throughout the duration of your moves, adds, or changes. You’ll also receive automatic, weekly updates via our state-of-the-art Smartsheet project tool.


No MAC job is too big or too small. Call us today to get the ball rolling.

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