Powered fibre by Scenariio.

As one of the largest global installers of powered fibre, we’re established experts in helping organisations like yours, to extend your network reach beyond 90 metres, to devices spread across your site.

Over the past few years, we’ve installed thousands of metres of these hybrid cables in many industries. So, you can be confident that we know what we’re doing.

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Powered Fibre Design

Extending your reach.

With one cable, powered fibre will deliver safe electrical low voltage (SELV) and data directly to your devices – even when they’re kilometres away.

Acting like an extension lead for Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, it extends 30 times further than copper cable, way beyond the 90-metre limit. From rack, straight to device, whilst still complying to standards.

This is perfect for organisations who have large sites where PoE is required outside of the main building. In environments such as industrial sites, airports, university campuses, car parks, event locations, and golf courses.


Powered Fibre By Scenariio

Benefits you can’t ignore.

Devices that are dotted across sites, like security cameras, access controls, and Wi-Fi access points – all need power and data for them to function. Hybrid cables are perfect for this.

Powered fibre means you no longer need a separate power outlet located near to your remote devices.

When you remove the need for separate data and electrical wires into individual devices – the task of planning and maintaining your network becomes really simple – saving you significant costs.

Additionally, your network can be centrally protected by our UPS systems - allowing your cameras, access control, and Wi-Fi to operate - even when the power’s down. We are the UK’s leading independent fibre network company.

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Derby Fibre Installers

A premium partnership.

The powered fibre cable is a copper/fibre hybrid, and the product itself is provided by our key partner, CommScope.

CommScope is an industry-leader in powered fibre and their product enables us to radically change how we design and deliver large campus data networks.

We’ll work with you to plan and install a power and optical solution that’s flexible, future-proofed, cost-effective, and easier to manage.

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Powered fibre cable system

Want to know more about how a powered fibre cable system can help your business? Watch this video from Commscope.

Don’t let copper cables limit your network reach. Call us today to discuss powered fibre for your organisation.

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