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We provide peace of mind to small and medium businesses like yours.

Our enterprise quality, end-to-end security solutions – that run over your data cables – cover everything, from your control room set-up, to the locks on your doors.

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Smart Building Security Systems

Security cameras.

We install a vast array of cameras to secure your premises with, now and for years to come. Whether you need four cameras, or sixty cameras – we’ll work around your requirements.

From network cameras, thermal cameras, and pan-tilt-zoom cameras – to radar detectors, motion sensors, and audio systems – we supply and fit networked security products for all situations, and every type of environment.

You can access live video surveillance from your cameras, via remote devices. Or, view historical footage, as and when you need to, with our video management software.

Additionally, you can tailor the security analytics you want to see, and the things you want to be alerted to. For example, when a noise is heard, or loitering is detected.

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Intelligent CCTV Cameras

Alarms and sensors

If you have a smart lighting system, you’ll already have a network of sensors operating in your building.

These sensors are not only instrumental for building utilisation purposes, they’re also key to detecting unusual and unwanted motion – alerting you to intruders in specific areas of your property during out-of-hours. Monitoring temperature too, sensors can provide pre-emptive warnings of fires.

Your sensors can work with your cameras to provide enhanced security solutions. For example, when a window sensor detects it’s been opened, a camera can take a visual snapshot of the window, and send it to a mobile device.

It’s this integration that provides you with ultimate security. And, you can configure triggers and alerts to suit your individual needs.


Intelligent Building Security Sensors

Building access.

Control comes from being able to remotely and flexibly govern who is accessing your property or site at any point in time.

Our end-to-end security solutions exploit the very latest in technology and software to help you to easily and simply, monitor and control who enters your building. Whether this is from a remote device, or within your control room.

We specialise in swipe card security, key fob controls, and building access via mobile devices – in addition to enabling you to grant access to guests and visitors using one-time QR codes. We offer a wide range of business security solutions.

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Looking to extend security beyond your building? Read about our powered fibre solutions.

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