Our approach to buildings infrastructure.

Our approach to designing and implementing your data cabling infrastructure, ensures it will evolve with you, as your organisation changes direction.

This is because we adopt the Universal Connectivity Grid (UCG) technique. In other words, we plan and install cables in grids or zones – that can easily accommodate changes at a later date.

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How UCG works.

The Universal Connectivity Grid (UCG) builds on the ‘zoned cabling’ method and works by carving up your building into grids, or zones.

Each grid/zone has consolidation points (CPs). This is where the cables from your comms room come together and support all the devices that operate in that particular zone.

All your building devices and applications, including: Wi-Fi access points, workstations, IP phones, video conferencing, light fixtures, security cameras, and access controls – are run over data cables in each zone.

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Benefits you can’t ignore.

Our data cabling design structure makes connectivity in your workspaces more flexible and efficient.

It’s flexible enough to connect and integrate a wide variety of different building services together. It’s efficient because you only have to deploy a single, low voltage data cable.

As more applications emerge – and your organisation itself goes through change – a UCG infrastructure saves cost and minimises disruption. This is because you’re only changing cables in local zones, rather than all the way back to the comms room. A UCG approach means you also build future capacity from day one.

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Unrivalled expertise.

You want your infrastructure to work with you over many years to come. But at the same time, you need it to be flexible enough to accommodate technological breakthroughs and changes in your own business.

Our three decades of experience – combined with the strong relationship we have with market leaders CommsScope – means your building project will be planned and deployed by experts who will strive to deliver long-term benefits for your organisation.

The Universal Connectivity Grid is a concept that delivers you the infrastructure to facilitate the intelligent building solutions to transform your workspaces.

For data cabling design that’s efficient, flexible, and scalable your in safe hands.

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