Wireless solutions by Scenariio.

Experts in designing, planning, and installing wireless networks for every type of building environment – so you have network connectivity, wherever you are.

Contact us for temporary and permanent wireless solutions. We partner with market-leaders Ruckus Networks, Ubiquiti, and Nextivity. And all our solutions are standards compliant.

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Business Wireless Infrastructures


If you’re looking for high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity within your building, we will deliver you a professional, end-to-end service. From survey, plan, and design – right through to installation, set-up, and support.

We know that your Wi-Fi system will need to mirror the specific needs of your building users and the bespoke, physical environment you’re in.

Our aim is to deliver reliable, fast, and secure connectivity that allows your occupants to go about their day-to-day activities uninterrupted. On top of that, we want to make sure you can scale up or down as your organisation evolves.

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Office Wireless Networks

Wireless infrastructure.

If you need to stretch your wireless capability beyond your main building – up to 15km away – to one or more locations, then we can help.

Our point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions will deliver robust network connectivity and speeds over 100Mbps, to areas where cables can’t go. We offer wireless solutions for businesses across the UK.

From portacabins in quarries, to security booths in water treatment works – we’ve extensive experience in delivering Wi-Fi signals to sites that are geographically dispersed.

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Wireless Solutions By Scenariio

Cellular data.

There are environments where you just cannot get a mobile phone signal. For example, in remote, rural locations. Or, in the most densely populated city centres, where bandwidth is being squeezed.

Many organisations are removing landlines and restricting access to Wi-Fi within their buildings. This makes it challenging for building occupants to make or accept calls – forcing them to step outside.

Our cellular data solutions are designed to overcome these common dilemmas. A series of antennas can be fitted inside your property, to bring in the cellular coverage from outside. And you’re not restricted to any particular network provider either.

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So, if you need network connectivity where wires can’t reach, get in touch today.

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