Workspace analytics solutions by Scenariio.

Allow us to get under the skin of the data your smart sensors are producing – so you can make more informed decisions about your building.

Do you want to understand your data?

Workplace Analytics Solutions For Business

Making sense of your data.

Your smart sensors – as part of your intelligent lighting system – will be monitoring and collecting real-time data. From how meeting rooms are being utilised, to what desk occupancy is looking like – providing comparisons across different times, days, and departments.

But what story are they telling you? How are you piecing it all together? What sensible conclusions are you arriving at?

Our workspace analytics experts can help analyse and interpret the information you have, and provide a fresh perspective on what decisions you should make going forward. For example, deciding to go ahead with an office reconfiguration.

It’s a service we provide to clients who use our smart lighting solutions – as part of your support contract.


Workplace Analytics Solutions By Scenariio

Solve your workspace quandary.

Your data is telling you one story, but your knowledge of that environment is telling you something different. What do you do?

On occasions, a piece of information can throw up more questions than answers. When that happens, we’re more than happy to pick up the gauntlet and help solve the mystery with our workspace analytics service.

This can sometimes mean deploying more sensors – but in new places within your building – to get to the bottom of what’s really happening.


Building Sensor Smart Analytics

Better prepare for presentations.

Your facilities managers are under more pressure than ever before, to make sure your workspaces perform. In addition, they have a responsibility to keep senior stakeholders informed – especially in light of Covid-19 – to ensure building occupants are safe, and government guidelines are being adhered to.

If you need one-off support to prepare a narrative for senior managers, that will help shape strategies and facilitate better decision making, then our team can help.

From meeting room performance, to desk utilisation – we can provide useful analysis and objective recommendations based on what your data is showing us. We are a leading workspace analytics company.

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