A South London School Technological Transformation

The aim: to provide staff and students with an outstanding IT infrastructure alongside a productive learning environment.

Before the 3-year IT plan to transform the school began in January 2018 access to computers across the school were limited. Everyone was frustrated with outdated technology and ineffective internet provisions. Like many establishments built in the fifties, the school was never designed to provide the IT infrastructure now required by a school with the ambition to enable students to be ‘ready for business’.

Prior to the project computers were not integrated much into the lessons. Teachers complained that it may take up to 10 minutes to switch on and log in. Computers were not readily available for students to use either in the lesson or in break times. The IT investment included cabling, servers and computers.

For many public sector buildings’, the global digital transformation has been slow in comparison to the speed in which commercial establishments have developed. It has left a significant void, one that our future generations demand to be closed.

The project: to provide the robust fibre backbone that the site desperately required.

Scenariio were bought on board early on to provide a robust network of data cabling solutions designed to meet the needs of the school, now and for the future. The network was designed to span the campus providing a fast and reliable network, putting high-performing data facilities into every classroom, for every student. The aim was to support staff and students by underpinning learning with a reliable IT infrastructure, a system that worked effortlessly.

A key challenge was that the original design of the school was not built with any IT infrastructure in place and creative ways of thinking were required when running long lengths of cable. Underground channels were found and engineers utilised the discovered routes as well as state of the art trunking which was in keeping with traditional building design.

Another challenge was the massive infrastructure installation spanning over expansive premises had to take place in a school which accommodates 1,150 students attending the school. The enormity of the project meant that the installation had to take place within term time and was completed in a time period of 9 months.

Effective communication between Mark Palmer, Managing Director of Scenariio and the school IT team allowed for the best design practise that would have the least visual impact on the building and be aesthetically pleasing.

“Good planning enabled normal timetabled activities to continue with ongoing network coverage and the process of planning room availability was seamless due to the effective communication of the teams that ensured the impact on staff and students was minimal.” Mark Palmer, Managing Director Scenariio

The outcome: the infrastructure is now in place and staff are completing training that enables them to utilise their laptops into all elements of their lessons.

They are working towards Google school status and their email and lesson content are now shared on G-suite. Within 3-years computers will be available in all classrooms as well as high performing devices and projectors, there to engage the students. The aim is for the school to become a business-ready environment making facilities available without delay and no complications, technology that works for staff and students

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