Smart lighting solutions
by Scenariio.

Smart lighting is never just about providing better light in your place of business. It’s the first step towards creating an intelligent building that’s intuitive, efficient, eco-friendly, safe, and comfortable.

Attributes of a work place that have never been so urgently called for.

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Intelligent Lighting Infrastructures

Network powered lighting.

Your smart lighting solution will be powered by a single data cable – the same cable that enables your IT. This is a low voltage alternative to traditional 240v electrical wires. Creating a safer, more efficient and flexible environment.

Smartengine from wtec is a smart lighting system that’s widely adopted across the world. And having been a leading UK installer of this technology since 2014 – your building project will be in the hands of experts.

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Smart Lighting Solutions by Scenariio

Take control of your building.

How your lights are configured and used – across your entire property portfolio – can be viewed and adjusted remotely via simple web interfaces and applications, in real-time.

A network of smart sensors – continually monitoring and reporting on motion, temperature, brightness, air quality, carbon dioxide levels, humidity, Bluetooth location services, and energy consumption – will yield precious information about how your spaces are performing, to better inform decisions.

They’re discreetly peppered around your commercial property portfolio, but controlled and managed centrally.

Smart Lighting For Offices

Optimise your environment.

Smart lighting intelligently reacts to create a smarter environment for your building occupants. In addition, it can reduce your energy and operating costs by up to 90%.

For lighting that mirrors what’s happening in the natural world, you can opt for human-centric smart lighting capabilities, to align with your circadian rhythm.

Light fixtures and fittings can be designed for a bespoke look, or chosen from a vast array of options available from our trusted manufacturers, including: hatec, BB Lighting, Synergy Lighting, NoviLED, and Trilux.

Additionally, your sensors can be standalone, external fixtures. Or, integrated into your light fittings. The choice is yours.

Smart lighting in action

Watch how our smart lighting solutions have helped transform the HQ of one of Britain’s fastest-growing fashion companies: Gymshark.

Quote from Fleur Johnson - Manager at Gymshark: “Gymshark has grown so much over the past year, so we have had to make lots of changes within HQ. The Scenariio team are super-efficient and always on hand to supports us in making the HQ the best environment it can be.”

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