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Emergency lighting enables you to become compliant. But, as part of a smart lighting system, it can provide so much more than that.

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Emergency Lighting Solutions For Offices

Tried and tested innovation.

Your emergency lighting solution will be delivered using the very best in innovation from Mackwell. The leading brand in emergency lighting across the UK.

As approved designers and installers of Mackwell’s emergency lighting products, we’ll take the time to discover how you use your building; where the escape routes are positioned; and where your high-risk areas are located. Only then can we design the perfect solution for you that’s wholly compliant.

Run over one single, data cable network – your emergency lighting won’t need 240v electricity wires. This allows for quicker installation, and facilitates safer, more efficient workspaces.


Emergency Lighting Solutions For Business

Smart and efficient.

Your self-testing solution will deliver automatic alerts – reducing the need for physical function and duration testing – to save you time and money.

To bolster resilience levels, batteries are positioned close to the light itself and only charged when they’re depleted. This is called smartcharging. It reduces your running costs and extends the life of your batteries.

Testing is done in groups, to minimise disruption and provide back-up in case of outages.

Emergency lighting can be incorporated into smart lighting fixtures, or as standalone fittings. The aesthetics can work entirely around your design requirements. We offer a range of emergency lighting solutions for businesses.


Emergency Lighting For Commercial Offices

Streamlined building management.

Delivering automated testing, alerts, and reporting – your emergency lighting solution can simplify life for whoever looks after your building.

The task of detecting, testing, and fixing faulty units – and the job of planned maintenance to prevent future outages and problems – is immediately streamlined.

Instead of physical inspections, the technology can automatically keep remote building managers informed of outages and root causes – through reports delivered via user-friendly web portals and applications.

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Emergency Lighting By Scenariio

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