Building sensor solutions by Scenariio.

Our range of innovative and cloud-based smart building sensors will enable you to make smarter commercial decisions, to keep your building users safe and your building costs down.

We create smart buildings from the ground up. Making sure you have the right infrastructure to enable your network of building sensors to successfully operate.

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Smart Builing Sensors By Scenariio

Yield more data.

You already have a smart lighting system that’s giving you critical occupancy data in real-time.

But, you want even more insight to be able to paint a more comprehensive picture of what’s going on in your building. Perhaps to improve your environmental performance?

That’s where our complementary building sensors can become a critical asset for facilities managers everywhere, looking to make intelligent decisions about the buildings they look after.

We can provide you with building sensors to harvest almost any nugget of information. Throw Bluetooth location services into the mix, and suddenly you can hone in on individual device data too.

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Intelligent Building Sensors By Scenariio

An alternative way with wireless.

If you don’t have a smart lighting system in place today – or your building environment cannot accommodate a network powered sensor – an alternative solution could be our wireless EnOcean building sensors.

These wireless building sensors can be placed in rooms, on ceilings, and under desks, to collect useful building occupancy information.

And because they’re set up on a separate, secure wireless channel, there won’t be any congestion or interference.

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Lighting Sensors By Scenariio

Your workspace is a valuable tool.

Today, your workspace is a tool to help you get things done. It’s no longer the primary place of work.

Empowered by knowing how your building works, and how the occupants use it – you can make more informed decisions, and react to real-time alerts from remote locations.

From how many times your windows and doors are being opened, to counting how many people are entering or exiting a space, your building sensors can help you to squeeze the most out of your buildings.


The types of sensors we install, include:

  • Air quality sensors
  • Bluetooth beacons
  • Co2 sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Occupancy sensors
  • People counting sensors
  • Push button sensors
  • Temperature sensors

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