Building dashboard software by Scenariio.

Empower your building users to control their own environment, and navigate their way through your building more safely and easily.

How? By giving them access to real-time building information delivered via screens, heatmaps, dashboards, and software on mobile apps.

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Building Dashboard Software By Scenariio

A lens into your building.

Our state-of-the-art building dashboards – that we’ve developed alongside Innovate UK and Nottingham Trent University – can paint a real-time picture of what’s happening in your building.

For example, live visuals about the availability and performance of things like equipment, desks, rooms, floors, canteens, and car parking spaces. Our dashboards are exclusively available as part of our smart lighting solutions.

We also partner with market leaders like Thing-it, to bring you the very latest facilities management software, to manage and control your entire workspace, with just one mobile application.


Building Dashboard Software Solutions

Greater control for everyone.

Find a colleague, book a desk, report a faulty printer, sign-in a visitor, amend room settings, make purchases, and go to a quieter space. Or, learn more about what’s happening in any internal or external space.

Imagine being able to do all of that with software delivered via one mobile application?

Our solutions allow your building occupants to take control of where they want to be, and how they spend their time – without being reliant on anybody else.

Building staff can also make sensible decisions based on the reports they’re issued with. For example, choosing to only clean work spaces that have been occupied, rather than sanitise an entire building. Or, cater for the right number of people who visit the staff canteen, based on how many entered the building at the start of the day.


Workplace Usage Software

A safe contactless environment.

Allow your building occupants to take responsibility for keeping themselves safe, based on the live data they have access to.

For example, opting to work on the fourth floor, because a screen in reception tells them that every other floor is congested. Our leading building software can be tailored to your exact requirements.

To minimise physical contact, devices can be used to do just about everything – from automatic door entry, to finding your way around an office without a chaperone. All this helps to create a safe and contactless environment for all your building users.

Smart lighting in action

Watch how our smart lighting solutions have helped transform the HQ of one of Britain’s fastest-growing fashion companies: Gymshark.

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