Meeting room solutions
by Scenariio.

Equip your workspaces with excellent quality audio and visual (AV) meeting room solutions, so you’re able to collaborate easily and seamlessly.

By bringing together every component – from screens and speakers, to lighting sensors and control panels – we’ll help you to create the optimum meeting space for you and your visitors.

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Meeting Room Audio Visual Solutions

Controls and room booking.

Avoid wasting time looking for available workspaces. Our meeting room solutions provide you with tools to manage occupancy and optimise building utilisation.

Visual indicators located outside of your rooms – or on an app – can quickly tell you when and where there’s a room available to use. You can book rooms via your mobile device, or you can use control panels outside of rooms to see when they’re free to book now, or later.

When integrated into a smart lighting solution, one system can manage it all – with sensors that control your equipment, and pre-set the light and temperature to suit your needs. By integrating everything into one unified system, your meeting rooms will automatically adjust to your occupants, or can be pre-set to accommodate user preferences.


Meeting Room Audio Visual Design

Audio-Visual (AV) over IP.

Your low voltage data cables can be used to distribute audio and visual (AV) signals in high definition – up to 4k resolution within HDbaseT standards.

AV over IP is a flexible, cost-effective, energy efficient, and scalable way to optimise your meeting room experience. Additionally, it extends to the length of your entire IP network.

By integrating your speakers, video display screens, conferencing equipment, and devices onto an IP network – you can control everything from one application, either onsite or remotely.


Interactive Smart Meeting Rooms

Meeting room equipment.

You’re in a meeting and you want to share your ideas and content with people inside and outside of your physical meeting room.

However, the way workspaces are sometimes kitted out, collaboration can be challenging. For example, video conferencing meetings with remote workers. Or, when people in the room are using different devices and software – or when they don’t belong to your organisation.

Our meeting room solutions include plug and play wireless presentation technology, that works with your existing room set-up. We also specialise in providing and connecting all your hardware, so it’s integrated into your building management systems.

Let us design and equip your place of work with the highest quality meeting room solutions, so you’re always ready to collaborate.

Smart lighting in action

Watch how our smart lighting solutions have helped transform the HQ of one of Britain’s fastest-growing fashion companies: Gymshark.

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