Comms room and cabinet tidy services by Scenariio.

Cable chaos can bring about disaster for your network and slow down future changes. But, with one phone call, you can change all of that.

Allow our experts to rationalise space and bring back some order to your comms room or network cabinet – allowing your network to perform at its peak.

Considering comms room improvements?

Server Room Cable Tidy

Tangible gains you can’t ignore.

A well-organised comms room or cabinet is not just about aesthetics.

Kept in an ordered and tidy state – it can reduce network outages; eliminate interference; speed up fault troubleshooting; minimise security breaches; reduce fire hazards; and make it much easier to move, add, or change your IT when you need to.

Yet despite all these tangible benefits, the job of keeping it organised, often gets forgotten about.

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Patch Panel Tidy

A service without disruption.

Our experienced team will review what you have today, plan our bespoke recommendations, and then begin the job of professionally rationalising your comms room or cabinet.

That might include removing redundant patch leads, re-locating equipment, consolidating power supplies, and changing the layout of the space – to create even more room for you to grow your network. We can look at relocating rooms and their services to better locations within your buildings.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll work closely with you to plan the job carefully and minimise the disruption to your business. Even when that means working out of hours, during holidays, and at weekends. We offer professional comms rooms services for businesses across the UK.

Network Switch Cable Tidy

Examples of our work.

We’ve worked in every industry, and in every type, size, and state of comms room. Not just tidying, but moving, adding, and changing equipment too.

We’ve a great track record of turning the most disorganised and abandoned spaces, into well-ordered and structured environments.

Ask to see some of our comms room and cabinet transformations.

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Don’t let an untidy comms room or cabinet disrupt your network, call us for a quote today.

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