Smartengine Use Cases - Intelligent Buildings

Imagine a building that is as intelligent as man himself. It perceives what is going on, reacts and adapts to its users. It learns and constantly improves. It does not remain at the same level as when it was born, but provides the basis for new skills and new knowledge. In our understanding, this is a digital intelligent building. smartengine technology unites these characteristics and gives buildings sensory organs and a nervous system as well as applications for its users.

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Scenariio Light up Gymsharks New GSHQ

Derby based technology company Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures are delighted to have completed the UK's first commercial installation of Human Centric smartLighting (HCsL) at Gymshark's HQ.

Scenariios Intelligent Lighting Continues To Shine For Gymshark

We were so pleased when we completed the UK's first commercial installation of Human-Centric smartLighting (HCsL) at GSHQ, twelve months ago.

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